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  • Concord Hospital IBD Research Donation Form

    26 June at 14:24 from atlas

    Concord Hospital is fundraising for IBD research. Please complete this form and return by mail to Concord Hospital Building 8A, Hospital ...

  • Interview by

    4 January at 12:40 from atlas

    International Innovation is a leading European publication and portal for scientific dissemination. Recently, Sydney ...

  • Invited lecture in Jinan, China

    2 January at 20:23 from atlas

    Sydney gastroenterologist Rupert Leong was invited to present his famous research on confocal endomicroscopy in coeliac disease at a ...

  • Australian Gastroenterology Week 2012 and interview on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases study

    1 November at 19:24 from atlas

    Assoc Professor Rupert Leong was for the second successive year the highest contributor of research abstracts at the Australian ...

  • Environmental risk factors are important in the development of inflammatory bowel diseases.

    18 January at 18:34 from atlas

    New robust research indicating that environmental risk factors are important in the development of Crohn's disease and ulcerative ...

  • Rapid Open Access Endoscopy (Macquarie University tel: 9812 3880 or Sussex Medical 9281 9133)

    20 September at 21:49 from atlas

    To reduce patient waiting time and improve efficiency, Sydney gastroenterologist and endoscopist A/Prof Rupert Leong conducts open ...

  • Slideshare 2011 Debate on Chromoendoscopy

    19 September at 22:02 from atlas

    Chromoendoscopy and other advanced endoscopic imaging techniques are becoming the standard of care in the surveillance of dysplasia. At ...

  • Debate on chromoendoscopy at Australian Gastroenterology Week 2011

    19 September at 21:54 from atlas Patients with longstanding ulcerative colitis or Crohn's colitis are at risk of colon cancer. Many of these patients ...

  • Confocal Endomicroscopy Coeliac Disease

    19 September at 21:47 from atlas

    The press release on coeliac disease reported on ABC News.

  • Gastroenterology conferences and memberships

    19 September at 20:32 from atlas

    Asia-Pacific Digestive Week: International faculty Gastroenterological Society of Australia:


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