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Sydney gastroenterologist Prof Rupert Leong is based at Macquarie University Hospital and is Director of Endoscopy at Concord Hospital. 98123880.

Prof Rupert Leong is a Sydney gastroenterologist who provides advanced treatments for inflammatory bowel diseases and conducts complex endoscopy. He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications on gastroenterology and endoscopy and has been awarded national and international prizes and research grants. His research interests include inflammatory bowel diseases and epidemiology. To reduce waiting time Prof Leong is available for Rapid Access Endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) - please call 98123880 for further information. For information on research and donations please contact Concord Hospital on 9767 5553. Sydney gastroenterology endoscopy

Rupert differentiates his practice due to:

1. emphasis on evidence, publications and expert consensus

2. wealth of experience as Head of IBD Service at Concord Hospital and Director of Endoscopy with access to multidisciplinary treatment options

3. objective assessment using therapeutic drug monitoring, calprotectin and colonoscopy to assist management decisions

4. access to clinical drug trials using the latest state-of-the-art therapeutic targets in order to keep government-approved options in reserve. All trials provide long term open access and has kept patients running out of options to avoid bowel surgery.

5. experience in highly skilled endoscopy such as stricture dilatation, confocal laser endomicroscopy, chromoendoscopy surveillance

6. highly published in endoscopy and inflammatory bowel diseases

7. access to allied health - GI dietitians, IBD pharmacists, IBD nurse

8. understands patients' concerns and anxieties and tailors treatment accordingly.

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